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Headquartered in Fremont, California and a Purchasing and Sourcing team in Taiwan, Lumimax Optoelectronics Technology is a professional distributor of quality electronic components and Wireless telecom products.   

Partnering with Asian electronic component manufacturers, we have been supporting the
industrial and commercial customers with our authorized lines since 2008.   We can satisfy your requirements for WiFi module , New    Distributed Antenna System (DAS) , GPS module , Wireless telecom products Cable assemblies services , Al. electrolytic capacitor, SMD ceramic capacitors , Diodes Thin film resistors , Carbon Film Fixed Resistors UV Nail Lamp  and Schottky Barrier Diode wafers .  

Lumimax is dedicated to meeting our customer's complete satisfaction.  Our dedicated sales 
team will promptly response your RFQ and manage the logistics for you.  Our quality department will make sure all the products we supply meets the highest quality standard.   
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New Product  Nov. 2016
TSI Smart Distributed Antenna System (DAS)  

Smart/Slim Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is TSI’s new product to help mobile operator extend the RF signal coverage into any indoor environment from small to large scale.  

A Slim DAS system includes the  Head End Unit  (HEU) and couple  Remote Access Unit  (RAU). The HEU can take RF signal from any source like Macro, Pico, Femto, Small Cell and transport the signal to RAUs in different locations via one single fiber.

Single HEU can convert and transport the RF signal to maximum six RAUs and upto 3 miles long.   Both star and daisy chain topology are supported.

​TSI's DAS has the advantages of easy installation, auto-calibration, low capital and operating cost, and to support SNMP.  

FDD Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 17, 28; and TDD Band 40, 41 are available.

700MHz for Public Safety DAS is available now.   Please download spec. sheet here for more information.       

Dual band sDAS (Band 2 + Band 4) is also a new product to support AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile cellular bands.   Please download spec. sheet here for more information.  If you need sample to test, please feel free to contact us.

​Please call today, our ofessional team both in Taiwan and the USA can provide you the right solution.    Tel: 510-438-0226  

   Top:        Head End Unit (HEU)
   Button:  Remote Access Unit (RAU)

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