LUMIMAX Low Forward-Drop Schottky Wafers

Lumimax design and manufacture Low forward-drop and high efficiency 6" schottky wafer and diodes in different packages. Applications go to solar panel by-pass protection.   We can do custom-design based on your requirement and have different metal platting on both sides of wafers.  

* Io = 3~10Amp
* Vr = 10V ~ 40V
* Wafer thickness 3~12 mil
* Silver or Gold plating

 -   Lumimax Low VF Schottky Wafer

 -   Lumimax General Purpose Schottky Wafer 

 ​-   Lumimax by-pass Schottky Diode

Formosa Microsemi Diode and Rectifier​ - ISO9001, ISO14001 certified

Formosa Micro Semiconductor Corporation is a professional SMD Diode and Rectifier manufacturer based in Taiwan and China.    Specialised in flat lead frame packaging technology, Formosa's MINI-SMA, SMA, SMB and SMC package can hanle a higher power with 25% better heat dissapation performance compared to traditional gull-wing and J-wing lead frame package. From small signal swiching diode, low forward-drop schottky diode, low leakage current and high voltage schottky diode, zener diode, super fast recovery and efficient fast rectifier, to different packages of bridge rectifier, Formosa provides one stop shopping to meet your needs.

 - General Purpose Rectifier  (Io=0.5A ~3A; Vr=50V ~1000V)

 - Fast Recovery Rectifier   (Io=1A~3A; Vr=50V ~1000V; Trr =150~500nS)

 - Ultra Fast Rectifier   (Io=1A~3A; Vr=50V ~1000V; Trr =50~75nS)
 - Super Fast Rectifier   (Io=1A~3A; Vr=50V ~600V; Trr=35nS)

 - Efficient Fast Rectifier   (Io=1A~3A; Vr=50V ~600V; Trr=25nS)

 - Schottky Barrier Diode  (Io=0.5A~5A; Vr=20V to 200V)

 - Zener diode   (Vz=2.0V~100V; 500mW~3W)

 - Transient Voltage Supressor Diode (TVS)   (MINI-SMA, SMA, SMB, SMC Package; 200W~3000W;
   5V~440V, Uni Directional and Bi-Directional)

 - ESD Surge Protection Diode   (3.3V, 5V, 12V, 24V Uni-Directional and Bi-Directional)

 - Small Signal Diode  ( 0201, 0402, 0603, 1005 package, Switching, Schottky and Zener diode)

 - Switching diode   (1SS400, 1N4148, BAV99, 1N4148W, etc)

 - Bridge rectifier  (100V~1000V; 10A~50A; GPP Chip inside in various packages)

​Samples are available upon request       

​​ YENYO TECHNOLOGY - ISO-16949, ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified

Yenyo Technology, founded in 1997, is part of Thinking Electronic Industrial Group, the world number one temperature sensor and protective circuit components manufacturer.   Yenyo specializes in manufacturing Press-Fit Auto Rectifier, TVS Diode (SMD and Through Hole type, from 400W upto 15000W) and Super Fast, Ultra Fast, Efficiency Fast recovery rectifier wafers.  

-  SMAJ Series (5V ~ 440V)

-  SMBJ Series (5V ~ 440V)

-  SMCJ Series (5V ~ 440V) 

-  P4KE Series (6.8V ~ 200V)

-  P6KE Series (6.8V ~ 600V)

-  1.5KE Series (6.8V ~ 550V)

-  Auto Rectifier: Cell

-  Press-Fit Diode
Formosa Flat Lead Frame Package
(MINI-SMA Package's foot print is the same as SOD-123)
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