Darfon MLCC​​    ​ISO9001, ISO14001 
Darfon Electronics Corps. is a leading Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitor in Taiwan.   With strong R&D team, Darfon acquired more than 1,300 patents worldwide and 8 international design awards in the past 15 years.   Besides the general purpose MLCC from 01005 to 2512 size, Darfon also offer high frequency, low ESR, high voltage type MLCC to support different industries and market.

       *   General Purpose MLCC

       *   Mid to High Voltage MLCC

       *   Low ESR and High Q MLCC

       *   Super Small Size MLCC
Su'scon Al. Electrolytic Capacitor
ISO9001, ISO14001, OSHAS18001
Su'scon, founded by President Su, is a professional Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Manufacturer since 1978.   Su'scon has been spporting many global customers including Foxconn, LG, Samsung, Innolux, Flextronics with quality and reliable products.  

Su'scon offer a wide range of Electrolytic Capacitors, please see the following series with specification.  

    * V-Chip Electrolytic Capacitor

    * Miniature Electrolytic Capacitor
    * Standard Electrolytic Capacitor

    * High Reliability Electrolytic Capacitor

    * Electronic Ballast Electolytic Capacitor

    * Low Impedence Electrolytic Capacitor

    * No-Polarized Electrolytic Capacitor

    * Special Electrolytic Capacitor

    * Snap-in Electrolytic Capacitor

    * LUG Electrolytic Capacitor

    * Screw Treminal Electrolytic Capacitor

    * Anhydrous Al. Electrolytic Capacitor

    * NEW  Conductive Polymer Al. Solid Capacitor

      Su'scon 2016 Product e-Catalog

Low leakage current
       Radial type

General Purpose
       LUG Type 

High Ripple Current
       Radial Type 

V-Chip Type 

Snap-in Type 

High Frequency, Low Impedence, High Ripple current type 

​ISO9001, ISO14001, SONY GP, Samsung ECO
Ralec is a professional Chip Resistor and Reasistor Array manuacturer based in Taiwan and China.   Ralec is dedicated to developing miniature size of SMD chip resistor, power resistor, high precision and tight tolerance type of resistors.   Ralec is the No. 2 Chip resistor manufacturer in the world.   

       *   Generl Purpose Thick Film Chip Resistor

       *   Thin Film Chip Resistor

       *   High Power Resistor

       *   Anti-Sulfurated Thick Film Chip Resistor
​       *   Anti-Surge Resistor
Zealway is a ISO9000 certified professional leaded type resistor manufacturer since 1988.   Various product lines include Carbon Film Fixed Resistors, Metal Film Resistors, Cut and Form Lead type, Zero Ohm and Jumper Wire, Carbon Flamproof Resistors, Miniature size Metal Oxide Film Resistors and Power Resistors.  

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